Our Terms & Conditions.


These "Terms and Conditions" refer solely to the services offered by F.L.A.P. Ltd. (Ferias e Lazer em Aguas de Portugal Ltd.).

The "Terms and Conditions" relating to your travel arrangements are laid down by the Companies with whom these services are contracted.


All payments must be made in full by the 8th week prior to your arrival date.

Exchange Rate.

We reserve the right to increase the Sterling Price of the holiday if the value of the £ falls below €1.20 at the time of paying the full balance.


Any cancellation must be made in writing and signed by the person who has booked the holiday.

If we receive your cancellation:

  1. 8 weeks or more before the start of the booked holiday, 10% of the costs which you have already paid will be retained by F.L.A.P. Ltd. to cover administration and other actual costs.
  2. Between 8 weeks and 4 weeks before the start of the booked holiday, 50% of the total cost will be retained by F.L.A.P. Ltd.
  3. Less than 4 weeks before the start of the booked holiday, F.L.A.P. Ltd. reserve the right to retain all moneys already paid.

We strongly recommend that you take out private Holiday Insurance. In the unfortunate event of having to cancel your holiday, your Holiday Insurance policy may well cover some or all the losses incurred by unavoidable cancellation of your travel arrangements. We also strongly recommend that you be all in possession of a current E111 form (You can obtain this from any U.K. post office.).

Rod Transportation

A lot of anglers seem to be worried whenever traveling by plane about their fishing rods and we always end up advising them in getting themselves a hard-shell rod case. Nothing protects equipment like a hard shell case. Some airlines will no longer take responsibility for broken rods when packed in a soft nylon bag.

Breakage does happen, so why run the risk of having to deal with it on a sunny day when the fish are biting!? Why worry about damage to expensive rods and reels packed in a soft nylon case?

All Sportube cases are accepted by the airlines

In fact, certain airlines are actually supporting the use of hard cases by including in their Contract of Carriage verbiage such as: Liability release form required on plastic [bag]/ soft [nylon] ski bags only. Execution of liability release form not required on hard-shell cases.

For more information check out the SporTube web site. Their "Guide" cases are just right, take a look for yourself.

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