Angling Holidays in Portugal, Portugal's first freshwater angling holiday company. Are you looking for big carp, monster wels catfish, huge barbel, chub, largemouth bass, huge pike or just good general fishing? If your answer yes, read on!

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Everything from really big carp up to 34.5Kg (76.05Lbs) and, yes, huge Wels Catfish to some of Europe's most demanding specimen barbel (1 of the 5 species here in Portugal can grow in excess of 15Kg) able to satisfy even the most demanding of anglers are here in Portugal! We also have two strains of Chub over here, the Northern Iberian Chub and the Southern Iberian Chub. Both are very similar to those found over in the UK, just smaller, but they are fantastic fun. The Pike over here a great too. When was the last time you caught a brace of Pike with both fish weighting over 40Lbs? But, be aware, as you will see elsewhere in this site, none of that light tackle tactics over here (Unless you like losing fish all the time!). There are even largemouth bass / black bass to tempt those of you who seek something different! What's more, you will not have to worry about over crowding, as the Portuguese are not that keen on coarse fishing. So, if you are after that specimen carp, big barbel, fly-fishing for bass or fancy going for big bags of hard fighting fish, or just looking for some great angling, this is the place for you!

These days, with the help of companies like Ryan Air, Easyjet, BMI Baby, Jet 2 and British Airways, you can pick up some great deals on flights to Faro (in the Algarve) and to Lisbon (Lisboa the nations capitol). So, in reality, there really is not that big a difference in going fishing, say in France, than coming fishing over here in Portugal.

Why not have a read of Phil Pembroke's book about fishing over here, you'll see what we're on about.

Night Fishing

At the moment night fishing is not allowed here in Portugal nor is "Wild Camping" (what they call any form of camping which is not done within an official campsite). If a person is caught doing either or both of these the conserquences can be heavy. Not only do you lose all your fishing tackle and camping gear, you also get fined and you could even get a prison sentence. As you can see it really is not worth the risk. Saying that, I and a bunch of other local anglers over here are in the process of trying to get the old law changed.

What There Is...

In the rivers you can find barbel, a wide variety of carp, pike, nase, tench, lamprey and eels. The reservoirs hold tench (9.2kg), carp and largemouth bass. You stand a good chance of hooking into something BIG! So, some thought should go into planning what sort of angling you will be doing and what sort of tackle to bring along with you. To find out more, click on the links below.

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