Phil Pembroke.

The Smooth Guide To Fishing In Portugal (ASIN: B00E1O5C2W) is just one of the many angling books written by Phil Pembroke.

About the author

Described by himself as a much better rugby player than fisherman. Phil decided to begin writing a small booklet on angling in Spain and Portugal when, after making his first visit to the wonderful river Ebro in Catalunya in 1989, was unable to locate much previously published information on angling in Iberia.


"Where else but on the beautiful river Douro in north Portugal would I get the opportunity to take up the recent challenge of fly fishing for battling barbel. Take a look at some extracts from my books on my new web page and you too will soon want to experience a great European angling adventure."

What else he has done

He has also written a book covering the angling in France (ISBN 0-9546924-2-X).

Phil now has is own web site, why not take a look:

The Smooth Guide To Fishing In Portugal