We have several species of snapper in our local waters, most of these can be caught all year round some are seasonal visitors.

They range in size from the bica which is usually .5 to 2 kg to the mighty dentex  (red snapper) who can reach a weight in excess of 20 kg though an average weight would be around 4 - 5kg with a specimen being 10 kg or more.

They are all targeted in a similar way with either hard metal jigs soft plastics or live bait.

The most consistent season would be from December till late July.

They are a super tough and Wiley adversary heavy braided line with Fluor carbon leaders is a must as most spots we are fishing between 50 and 90 meters depth over rocky or wreck bottom structure.

When the bite comes drags must be tight and hold on your in for a bruiser of a fight head shaking and manny attempts  to get back to the reef the norm.